Our Story

At Kona Financial Planning, our goal is for our clients to feel comfortable and secure in their financial lives, especially in the midst of significant change.

Our story

We believe the greatest value we provide exists in serving those who are experiencing major, and sometimes unexpected, transitions in their lives and empowering them to face these seasons with grace and care. Most often, our clients tend to be women whose lives have been drastically altered after experiencing a substantial change. While men face these transitions, as well, women are more likely to experience them alone due to longer life expectancies and situational circumstances. With each change of season in our lives, we believe there are opportunities for growth and triumph.

From the beginning, we like to encourage a different kind of conversation – one that is more engaging, more personal, and more meaningful. This conversation focuses on connecting passion with building wealth strategically to allow our clients the confidence to become good stewards of their wealth in a way that can then positively impact their life, their family, and their community..

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